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03 November 2008

Let the Games Begin.

I'm in Manhattan for ad:tech NY, staying at a fatally swanky place called The Time. The video above is of the winner of last night's bikini bull-riding contest, which took place at Johnny Utah's at a party hosted by

No one I spoke with has any idea what XY7 does, and I'm willing to bet it's out of business before it can impose another mechanical bull onto us. To be fair, I have been wrong before. The Rubicon Project, for example, continues to pour chocolate fondue fountains on seething throngs year after year.

Read the post, and keep up with all the general grokking and fun-having at the ad:tech blog.


MissMoll said...

I'm speechless. Nice video but can't understand why anyone would put themselves through that. I thought we were over that.. Then again, I did show a lot of leg on Halloween. And boobage.

Angela Natividad said...

Showing leg is somewhat different from wriggling into a bikini and straddling a mechanical bull.

I was a vampire this year.