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15 November 2008

Facebook, This Far is Too Far.

Well and good if you're gonna feed on my love handle complex, but whether I pass a razor over my Holy Grail is between me and God -- not me, God and your ad board.


johnengler said...

did you click the little down thumb, so they know you don't approve of that ad?

Ben Kunz said...

I so admire the subtlety.

Angela Natividad said...

@johnengler Yeah, I thumbs-downed it.

@Ben Kunz Oddly, I did too.

Anonymous said...

Downgrading that ad is the worst player hater move you could have possibly done. Your blog is about marketing, and you go against your competitors with player hating methods.

Im glad this is no longer possible, so i can keep making my monies without you fools interrupting.

Best regards
The baller