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28 October 2008

Just How Patriotic Are You?

...Enough to put out for your Presidential candidate of choice? Yowza.

The poster at left, featuring a set of anti-Palin Brooklyn girls, plays on the '60s-era image (at right) of Joan Baez and her sisters. The original slogan read, "Girls say yes to boys who say no" -- to the war, that is. And while in most cases vintage is a good thing, was less supportive of the "obnoxiously retrograde" vote-for-sex concept. From the mouth of one:

The idea of any kind of political action being taken to impress the opposite sex -- or that guys would only vote a certain way if a woman promised sex at the end (that's also totally the only way you get them to pay for dinner, incidentally) -- sort of makes me want to drown myself.

As an addendum to that, I just wanted to say that's not the only way to get men to pay for dinner. Just smile and lean forward a lot. Once the check is paid, say thank you, yawn and run. You can actually squeeze a few dinners out of them this way.

But I digress. Among people my age, it seems like peer pressure has become a major component of this mostly private political decision. Obama's cool, but his campaign -- flashy, fresh and exciting -- just reeks of the Irresistible It factor. Some people take that sensation and make it playful, sexual; others show us the other side of the same fun, engagement-building (and logic-devoid) coin: what if you were publicly thrashed for choosing the "wrong" candidate?

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MissMoll said...

It's been a while since I've had time for dating but I'll have to try the bending over.. Definitely more turned on by Dems but always seem to accidentally fall for the Republicans. Bloody mary- really? Ouch.