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14 September 2006

Starbucks Reintroduces Throwback Logo

In commemoration of its 35th anniversary, Starbucks has plastered its original logo back onto coffee cups in Oregon and Washington. “Customers like to see the old logo,” said a representative for the brand.

A Seattle elementary school teacher, royally pissed about the topless mermaid with the wide-open welcoming fins (why are those fins split anyway?), made some noise in the media this week about her unease. She's also pushing staff and teachers at Kent Elementary, her home base, to cover the logo up with coffee sleeves if in fact they must patronize the caffeine giant.

I can appreciate the nod to history but in all honesty I'm not a big fan of the old logo. It strikes me as boring and tasteless, hardly the meme I'd attribute to the coffee brand of all coffee brands. And I consider my opinion relatively unbiased - my relationship with Starbucks has lasted longer than most marriages.

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