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26 September 2006

Some People Just Can't Resist Torching a Bridge

A letter to Mark Zuckerberg from Aaron Greenspan, CEO of Think Computer Corp.

I have my own opinion about the ethical implications of ripping your buddy's idea, but hey, if it's easy to rip and it's not patented either then somebody would've done it anyway. Might as well be the cat who can turn it into a billion-dollar idea. And don't you think this is sort of pricky and bitter? Because, well, I do.

I didn't initially think that was worth a $900 million offer from Yahoo but a friend made a good point earlier this morning:

"Can Yahoo serve $100 worth of ads to 9 million users? Easily," he said. He's right. And with the suite of Web 2.0 yummies, including, that Yahoo's swooping up like candy, they're going to have quite the marketing-rich arsenal when it's all said and done.

Cheers to Yahoo and Facebook and maybe a beautiful future. Sucks about Greenspan and Facebook's users, who aren't terribly thrilled with the company of late. But hey, such is life.

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