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06 September 2006

Culture Clash

Since returning from France, I've found:
  • The Mona Lisa's fame is only perpetuated by propaganda. She's not all impressive and I'm sorry I broke through the exhaustive crowd just to see her
  • I want to eat, and eat well, 3 times a day - sitting down, with no distractions
  • I'm preoccupied with hot chocolate and prefer it over coffee in the mornings
  • I smoke
  • I feel the desire to walk and be outside a lot. Everything here is so remote, and I want sunshine, wind and rain
  • I am a red wine person, and I favour Beaujolais
  • I like knowing the people around me, and the people who make the ingredients in my food
  • I love Doisneau, Klimt and Dali
But I must admit I much prefer the ads here.


Anonymous said...

Nice list. I agree with most of it. Except, of course, your choice of wine. Italian Chianti can beat French Beaujolais any day of the week. =)

Glad to see you made it back in one piece.

Angela Natividad said...

Chianti? If you were standing in front of me I would shake your shoulders most vehemently.

And in terms of making it back in one piece - you know, I don't know that I did.