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13 July 2006

PSP Goes White

Running with the sentiment that white is Germany's new black, PSP has decided to rev up its image to accommodate a more fashionable audience. A sample of the ad creative for the consequent campaign (photographed by Alexander Gn├Ądinger) is featured above. Chic, right? The caption translates to "Now available in white."

The dominatrix made me do an eyebrow-raise, but whatever, I've seen "Run Lola Run" and am willing to believe that all Germans (including their children) have embraced the art of the domina as mainstream and don't even look twice at one. Maybe she is Deutschland's response to our own All-American girl-next-door coquettes (Kirsten, Scarlett, Lindsay).

"Yes, the dominatrix idea is mature, but so is the PSP," which is marketed to a broad demographic, explains Ulrich Proeschel, marketing director for TBWA Group in Germany. "It talks to kids, young adults and real grownups."

Something interesting to note: I don't generally think of a dominatrix in white. I normally think black or red, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this sentiment. PSP's ad forces me to transition my traditional ideas about the colours typically associated with BDSM, just as we'll all have to transition our ideas about the PSP going from tech-darling black to stark trendy white. Alienating? Possibly. Revolutionary? I'm open to it. I certainly dig the juxtaposition.

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