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22 July 2006

My Dirty Jenna

Some disgruntled character has posted a series of flyers all over Oakland, CA with the contact information for his ex-girlfriend, a girl affectionately called "My dirty Jenna" or sometimes "Jenna the soul eater." The flyers suggest a degree of promiscuity that must, at the least, be mortifying (or liberating?) for the Jenna in question: "Call this number for free phone sex," "Jenna the dirty whore," "DIRTY JENNA lives at..." They also feature monstrous illustrations, generally of an oversized monstrous female (a la South Park's rendition of Sally Struthers) absorbing other people in one of her cavities.

God damn, everybody's a marketer. That's got to be one of the most amusing methods I've ever seen used to defame a person in the private arena. Ogilvy, meet your next guerrilla.

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