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11 July 2006

Gnarls Barkley's "Smiley Faces" Video

I'm sure all or most of you have experience with some kind of online messenger program. You'll definitely appreciate this:

Far from just an interesting (and probably cheap) music video concept, I think it comments on how internet communication has changed the way we court and develop romantic relationships. I mean, how often have you popped at the MySpace of the cat you're trying to talk to?

Additionally, AIM's taken most of the sweat out of carrying on the requisite getting-to-know-you banter. Some of us are just better writers than we are talkers. In defense of traditional methods, though, charm's a lot harder to feel through a monitor.

Edit, August 4, 2006. Aw, looks like they took down the nifty IM video. That sucks. But here's another cool video for "Smiley Faces" - more a vanity faire for Cee-lo and Dangermouse than anything else, but I can still dig it.

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