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25 July 2006

Over Your Anorak? Trash It.

UEG clothing designed with Tyvek

Polish fashion designer Ania Kucznska and graphic designer Michal Lojewski have paired up to create the UEG project, a visually titillating brand whose fruits are intended to play on the idea of consumption. Using symbols and icons, UEG clothing reminds the wearer of the inconsistency of today's existence.

The clothing line, made from a paper-like fabric called Tyvek, is as inconstant as you can possibly imagine. Based on the premise of "desirable objects designed to deteriorate," its curious and attractive designs are intended to fade, then wash away completely after a certain amount of wear. And when you're finished with the 'fit, you trash it.

Desirable they most certainly are. Available in the US, they most certainly are not. You can currently only purchase UEG designs in Warsaw, Berlin and Tokyo.

Rich with its own worldview, UEG loves to tote manifestos. It's clear they totally ran away with this. "Usa e getta" is the running slogan, and it's Italian for "use and throw away." The product even comes with rules of engagement: unification, unisex, uniseasons.

Cute. Too bad I can't swing by my local boutique to pick up a deteriorating dress. I wonder what one would pay for something they expect to throw away?

A friend who's more fashionable than I: "Um, you're paying for what the product stands for, man."


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