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29 October 2011

Poll: Favourite Monsters.

Someone once told me that you can tell a lot about a person based on their favourite monster. I think I have always liked vampires because of their hipsterish sadness. They have eternal youth going on, coupled with the whole "being alone in the dark with no one to love me is so lonely" thing. It's the human condition, except their cocktails of choice are alienating.

They are also nicely dressed and seem to favour the arts and solitary forms of leisure, I guess because what else are you going to do for all eternity between eating sprees?

So. What's your favourite monster and why?


jeff said...

I was always a fan of Dragons. Because they are angry but that's understandable due to the fire in their belly. They also have the tough task of protecting treasure all day so I can understand why they're a little testy.

But Dragons also have great utility. They can fly, which means you don't need a car. They breathe fire, no need for kitchen gadgets. And they also remind me of dogs and I think a dragon could be very loyal.

Angela Natividad said...

Do you think that if multiple countries have legends about the same kind of creature, that must mean it was real?