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19 October 2011

Proof that We Are Masochists

I didn't care much before, but now I really do want that goddamn 4S so I can sing to her and she can push me away in her coquettish robotic doing-the-best-I-can-knowing-I-can't-sue-you-for-harassment-because-I'm-not-human kind of way.

Siri, will you...?

Via the one, the only So Particular.

(FYI, is currently tumblr-transitioning so in the meantime I'll be impulse-posting here more than usual. Probably. I am still trying to think of personal things to say that don't involve poo but am having trouble. Oh! I got my hair cut today. And while gazing up at the spotlights during the washing part, I saw sunspots shaped like pixellated LOLcats. I swear to God this happened.)

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Steve Hall said...

You are too funny! Miss you!