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08 May 2010

Demystifying Social Media

Here's the presentation I gave for the PDMA on Thursday on behalf of hypios. It's essentially a stab at changing social technology perception, with emphasis on:

  • Following your DNA when choosing a social technology
  • Trusting users and letting your degree of openness develop over time, like it would in any real relationship
  • Prepping beforehand: both for failure and for success
  • The idea that brands are stewards of a product or service, and that it's users who have true ownership over what they're representing
Lots of examples in thar. Hopefully you find it useful. Catch you guys back on the other side of the Atlantic!


Howie said...

You have a great blog but never enough comments.

HowieSPM said...

Your presentation was really good. To Esta Muy Bueno Trabajo. Or something like that. Darryl Ohrt went to Rosetta Stone the other day not me. Comprende?

The Fake Howie said...

My post shows 4:29 am its only 10:29 pm whats up with that?

The classic photos you found were awesome! I was cracking up.

Angela Natividad said...

Howissimo, it touches me that you go to this effort on my behalf. *bows somberly*