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19 May 2010

AdVerve Episode 32: Steve Jobs' Civil War

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It would’ve felt right to also call this the A.D.D. edition because it’s all over the map topicwise. BUT WE MAKE IT WORK WITH COMMON THREADS. Who else can bridge Steven Jobs’ control freak with the Civil War and choosing sides? Not many. Not that many would try either.

We then jump from that bridge into why Boomers will never figure out Generation So What, then cap the party off with a look at how laughing out loud, well, it’s good for you AND the French. IT JUST IS.

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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Tech meh
01:07 – Steve Jobs’ Civil War
09:49 – Heads are out
11:42 – Angela’s Diesel rant
19:26 – Art & Copy
22:20 – Kodak, Courtney & memes
30:50 – R.I.P. SNL
31:58 – That damn war
47:31 – Insecure, much?
53:12 – France isn’t happy enough
59:37 – Wrap


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*Correction: The good gentleman from Connecticut spoke with haste. It’s silver over copper plates, not aluminum.

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