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03 April 2009

Snapshots from Marketing 2.0 Paris: Paula Berg, Southwest Airlines

Marketing 2.0 took place at ESCP-EAP University in Paris this year. It spanned both Monday and Tuesday.

I moderated a few panels and the wifi was down both days, so there was no way to cover the event in the detail I would've liked. Before my camera died though, I tried this thing where I just recorded random snippets of speaker talks.

This post is devoted entirely to Paula Berg, Manager of Emerging Media at Southwest.

I don't have particularly strong feelings about Southwest, but seeing her discuss its approach to consumers -- in both good times and bad -- made me wanna do the cattle call after all. She's good people, and it seems like she addresses situations with humility and openness instead of just reacting. Her presence at Southwest speaks more for its corporate culture than for any social media strategem.

Paula Berg discusses the 'Nuts About Southwest' Blog:

Southwest's insecurities over the 'Cattle Call':

Mitigating mile-high mini skirt drama (for those who don't know, here's some context:

On the "Too Pretty to Fly" drama. "After the mini skirt debacle, we have a lot of customers out there that are probably thinking, 'hat the heck is wrong with Southwest Airlines, and what do they have against pretty girls?!'"

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