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31 March 2009

No, Man, We're Dead Serious.

Marketing 2.0 Paris took place this week and has swallowed my life, but I recorded a BeanCast the other day with some Objectively Awesome People™ -- Bill Green, John Wall and Bob Knorpp, the most disciplined podcast host in the known universe -- and wanted to get the link out there.

The episode is called "Amish Legless Hookers." Fuck* the blasé title for a moment and observe all the ish we covered:

  • Netflix and Facebook
  • Big brands tag-teaming on Cannes UGC ad contest
  • Charmin on iPhone; the shelf life of iPhone apps in general
  • Presidential Face-Time
  • Rick Wagoner exiting stage left
  • Making Money, Social-Network Style
  • ExecuTweets and monetizing Twitter
  • Facebook whoring for more cash
  • How Alex Bogusky Looooves Small Agencies
  • How Mike Hughes Looooves Newspaper Ads
  • Asian AdFest Troubled By Prostitution

You can kinda get a sense of where things went horribly wrong and the episode title was born.

Anyway, I'm off to decompress with some Marketing deux-point-zero peeps. Will post photos and thoughts ASAP. (Promise.)


*Do you like how I tossed in that expletive in the middle of a
take-me-seriously transition? Yeah? Me too.

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Elle said...

Hey! I just wanted to give you a head's up that I've done some spring cleaning over at my blog and have changed the title and blog address. Please update your subscription lists with Looking forward to continuing this journey with you :)!