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13 April 2009

Culture Shock

The scene: back in SF, driving away from SFO.

Dad: Miss San Francisco? Nothing like the Bay, eh? I think you should move back. Wanna move back?

Me: No.

Dad: That's how I felt when I moved to America. Your grandfather asked if I'd like to spend more time with him in Manila, and I was like, 'No, dad. America is my home now.' I'd made up my mind to live there, so my heart was there; it had been there for years.

[Long pause.]

Dad: But knowing that -- knowing how much time I'd spend in the States afterward -- if I could go back, I would take my dad up on his offer to stay in Manila a few weeks more.

Me: Let me see if I understand. Knowing now what your life would be like, and that you'd spend most of it in America anyway, you would have stayed longer in Manila to be with your dad?

Dad: ...Actually, no.

Me: So why are you asking me to move back?

Dad: Worth a try.

Me: Propagandist.

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