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04 March 2009

Waiting for The One

Me: I'm tired of being one of those people who wants to start a business but is waiting for "the one." You know? That once-in-a-millennium Steve Jobs idea that makes me feel both fulfilled and rich. I wanna be one of those unscrupulous guys that can take a profit model, any profit model, and execute it without feeling.

Ex-Business Partner (EBP): Yeah. Me too. But hey, making money online is dead. We need a new milk-cow.

Me: That's not true. There's a few web-based ideas left out there to milk.

EBP: Name one.

Me: Like ... hot webcam girls. That give SEO tips. While stripping.

EBP: That's not a bad idea, actually.

Me: Each vid can last two minutes, subs-only, and we can end each one with a cliffhanger: "Next week" -- while playing with thong -- "find out how to leverage Google Analytics for your social media campaigns." All broadcasts will be transcribed for max SEO magic. And we'll slather them with ads.

EBP: I'm in. When can we get started?

Me: Screw that, man. I'm not doing that.

EBP: You're pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

hahah love it.