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01 March 2009

Experimenting with Video -- and Milking The Dirty Knife Allegory Dry.

Live & Uncensored!: The Dirty Knife Allegory.

The DKA gets some real-life application.

Gotta forgive the shakycam. I'll improve things if I decide to keep doing this.


Steve Hall said...

You are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that I wouldn't have washed the knife either. What makes what your guy friend did so egregious was that he reacted so strongly to not washing it, yet didn't do it himself. That's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I eat the delicious dinner, compliment you for the time you spent making it, then offer to do the dishes while you relax, or accompany me to the kitchen to talk as I wash the dinner dishes and the pots/pans/etc. used to make the meal. There's a knife in the sink. Big deal. It's dirty. So are the dishes I'm washing, some of which are yours. The knife gets washed with everything else. Setting it aside seems, gee, I don't know, petty? Disturbing? What am I saying about myself by setting it aside? This is like a bad TV show. Let's turn it off and move on to a good book or witty conversation.

transfigure said...

This is interesting. Makes me think of a bunch of implications that would take too long to talk about in a simple response. It's rude to hijack someone's blog with what amounts to your own blog post, isn't it?

Angela Natividad said...

@Steve Thanks, dude.

@letrain You comfort my soul.

@SOCOACH It IS like bad TV.

@transfigure My blogs is your blogs. =P

MissMoll said...

I think it's sort of the same issue that roommates have. Do you wash their dishes when you're in the process of washing your own? What if you think you're doing something nice but then don't wash it properly? Wow, if people actually had dish washers, non of this would be an issue.