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19 February 2009

The Guy's On Point.

Yong Fook is the lead developer at Sweetcron,* an open source service that enables you to consolidate your updates -- from blogs, Twitter, flickr, YouTube, wherever -- on a single page. (Imagine if Friendfeed and Tumblr had a really pretty, automated baby composed of all your internet bits.)

In the video above Fook discusses blogging's past, present and future. You've probably felt the crux of his argument already: you started a blog, and maybe let it die because sites like Facebook already aggregate your whole life.

Aggregation's where it's at -- the question is, how best to cultivate and package your aggregated material for the consumption of others? And is there a way to divide the personal and professional? Post-Facebook, should we even care about that anymore?


*I am playing with it now. Most of the time it drives me crazy, but that's only because I lack the tech skills to really leverage it. See Yong Fook's homepage to get a sense of how it works.

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Machu said...

That's so sad. I miss the old days of Xanga... haha