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05 February 2009

AP Goes Gunning for Shepard Fairey

The Associated Press is going after Shepard Fairey for taking an Obama photo taken by an AP news photographer -- and turning it into one of the most iconic art images of the Obama movement.

From TechCrunch:

Fair use is under attack, and the AP is leading the charge. Artists like Fairey take copyrighted images and reinterpret them all the time. Many argue that is what art is. Fairey’s Obama poster certainly made a bigger impact on our culture than the original image, which he reportedly found by doing a Google image search. He is being represented by the Stanford Fair Use Project.

The argument follows that Fairey should be protected under Fair Use because the image was changed so significantly that even AP didn't know it was derived from one of their own until a few weeks ago.

Last year AP tried waging war against bloggers over fair use of its news material. TechCrunch's Michael Arrington boycotted it.

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