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01 October 2008

Seeding Branded Videos

My friend Josh Warner of Feed Company wrote an awesome How-To for MarketingVOX this week. It provides tips for seeding branded videos. This isn't just a topic he knows well; it's one he's exhaustively passionate about. (Seriously. We'll be sitting over lunch, and he'll whip out his iPhone and go "Look at this, look at this, look at this." And it'll be wacky stuff, like ants doing battle, or breakdancing bees, or ... you know, some dude leaping into his own pants.)

The article provides useful examples of both successful and unsuccessful campaigns, in addition to a few handy guidelines for incorporating your brand in a web video.

I'm trying to make a point of publishing more material like this: helpful tools that don't just evangelize, but provide an actionable starting-point for marketers inexperienced in these areas. Let me know if you ever want to collabo, or if you have something you think we should syndicate.

1 comment:

M.M. McDermott said...

Thanks, Ang. Some really good bits in Josh's article. He speaks common sense in a world where marketers still think developing a viral video is as easy as placing it on your company YouTube page.