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09 October 2008

On Why I'm So Quiet

Later today I'm driving up to Vermont (pictured above) for Watershedapalooza, an annual meeting of Watershed Publishing minions. We'll review how to make spreadsheets, pet each other's dogs and smuggle the publisher's home-made maple syrup across various borders, among other Really Important Stuff.

Before Yammer, this was the only time any of us ever got in contact with each other (beyond the occasional email). Oddly, I'm looking forward to when 'palooza ends so I can see whether it changes our Yam dynamic.

Will it be like Twitter, where people (myself included) say dumb shit like "@yournamehere OMG so good meeting you finally! =D"? Or will we be more subdued, knowing now -- and for certain -- that the only way to ingratiate ourselves with the COO is by playing World of Warcraft?

It could go either way, and I'm tingling in anticipation. Also, I haven't dealt with someone on a professional basis for months, so maybe I should get a trim. Because seriously, I'm giving these dudes a run for their money. Or their moonshine, or whatever it is rednecks use for currency.

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