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04 February 2008

Aw ... a Search Engine Catfight

Yesterday, when saner people were making pigskin pigs-in-a-blanket for their Super Bowl fĂȘtes, Google published a punchy blog post about how Microsoft is trying to monopolize the internet with its Yahoo bid. (Can you hear the subtle "Mommy, mommy, look what he's doing!"?)

Microsoft, ever the down-to-your-leveler, went, "Well, YOU HIT ME FIRST!" Or something. (MarketingVOX summarizes both nicely.)

And soon -- really, too soon -- after all that, ZDNet let loose about what it calls Google's "Let's annoy Microsoft" campaign. Word is Google reached out to Yahoo after Microsoft made the indecent proposal on Friday.

This intensifying shoving match is just one more reason why solving problems over rock-paper-scissors never gets old.

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Brokenblogger said...

did you know that this is one of the most universal games between children of the world? I've found it on many different cultures.