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16 November 2007

Snow Comes to Ithaca and I Finally Get a Bolshevik Hat

Dewey leaves on the bushes last night:

This morning it began to snow. I investigate, wearing the rabbit-skin Bolshevik hat I bought yesterday:

A magical moment: "It's burning my hands!"

That hat is the coolest piece of headgear I have ever owned. It's formally branded "Mad Bomber." Here is the story from the tag:

Raised in the flatlands of Virginia, our demented Figurehead migrated to Utah where he became an Unstable ski jumper known as The Mad Bomber.

He continued on to infamy trading in Manchuria for these original hats. When the Siberian winds blow, whether you're traveling the steppes of Manchuria or skiing the Tetons, be cool and keep warm with Mad Bomber.
"Because it's Cool out There."

I am crazy about it. And on that cheery note, here's a story about a little boy with an equally amazing hat. I give you Adventure Time (the best thing to hit Nickelodeon since Inside-Out Boy!), courtesy of this guy.

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