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09 October 2013

On being industry groupies

Today in Things Media Bloggers Love that No One in the Real World Cares About, Telemundo's Peter Blacker called pirates "super-fans" and said they're wonderful to study, to help, and to use for optimising proprietary channels.

It was the most magnificent thing in all the world ... and it happened just three years after Matt Mason said companies should use BitTorrent to do just that.

SCENE: I return to the newsroom with stars in my eyes and twitchy livetweet-mangled hands.
Me: "I'm in love with Peter Blacker." 
Stu: "Does this mean I can have C├ęcile Frot-Coutaz all to myself?"  
Two days prior, we decided to be mutually in love with the CEO of FremantleMedia, who's whip-smart and deliciously bullish about OTTs like Netflix.
Me: "Yes. No... no, no, yes." 
Stu: "We can have a double wedding." 
Me: "Let's have a double wedding, then go on double dates until we die." 
Stu: "This is not at all creepy." (Checks watch.) "It's Katzenberg time." (Smiles apologetically, then abandons me.)

The speakers are so good this year! I wish they had trading cards.

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