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18 May 2012

Creative Panels: Masturbation Disguised as Discussion

Colleen the Socialist, ironically, is not a fan of social media, because she thinks it's still "nascent" and doesn't really have its shit together yet.
"I'm sure the first thing that came out of the Gutenberg press wasn't that great," she said.
"The Bible?" asked the startled moderator.
"No, I'm sure there was a lot of crap before then..."
"No, I think the Bible was the first thing."

I love this article. It draws blood, but kind of gently, like a blood drive nurse who's bored with your come-ons and takes a little too much a little too fast.

The ending's great too. Grilled cheese sandwiches aren't the only great sustained legacy of market creativity; it also bequeathed us tacos as we know them, White Strips, and the teenager -- whose merits we can all argue to our sulky inevitable deaths.


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