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28 May 2010

AdVerve on Pause (Just This Week)

I'm in Ibiza for an innovation conference and internet here is just the spottiest. My boss and I changed hotels three times in 24 hours because there wasn't any wifi available in our rooms.

At present we're at the ATZARO, where the conference is taking place. The 'net pretty much works when it wants to, and less so on Macs: a member of the staff told me they typically shut off access to Macs because the variety of Apple products - iPhones, iPads, laptops - wreaks havoc on the local connection. He kind of made a big show of saying he'd bend this rule just for us, but no, not really.

Our first day here, the mayor of Ibiza came up and said he wants people to think of Ibiza as a place for business, not just fun. Well, mayor, looks like there's a wide-open opportunity in paradise for a few business hotels.

I really shouldn't complain though. It is beautiful here. And to prove it to you, here is a picture of sun-drenched dry grass.

AdVerve will be back to its regularly scheduled programming, complete with Extra-Special Guest™, next weekerly.


Steve Hall said...

All I can think of when I hear Ibiza is party. And party. And marathon DJ sessions. With endless, transfixing mixes. And more party. And hotness. Lots and lots of hotness. And, yes, sex.

Too bad the place is going the way of Ft. Lauderdale and every other place that wants nothing to do with drunken, disorderly college students.

Oh wait...

Howie said...

Steve your so glass is half-empty!!! You had the first half right LOL. And Angela already has closed 4 different clubs at 6am on our least that was her instructions. Whether she followed them remains to be seen. Her report is due on my desk on Tuesday.