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15 September 2008

Worst. Night. Ever.

Couldn't sleep at all last night. And when I finally did, I dreamt Haitian cows and hyenas were trying to push me off a cliff.

Then the alarm went off, and I thought I'd gotten up, but really I was still dreaming. And in that next REM torture session, I was sitting before a long stream of marketing blog posts that needed intensive correcting and were missing HTML. It was horrible. Just horrible.


The Great Rashimoto said... need to find a therapist that likes a challenge :-P

Anonymous said...

better that it's only a dream. I checked an article of mine you linked to in adrants and discovered i'd wiped out half a paragraph when i published it making most of my oh so humourous rant unintelligable

Angela Natividad said...

Dude, that sucks. Did you fix it?

Anonymous said...

yeah, but it wasn't as good as the original. Live and learn!