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22 September 2008

The Changing Face

We were sitting across from each other on the couch late last night, tapping away on our Macbook Pros, when Benj glanced up at me and went, "Ang. Ang."

"Mm?" I looked up from what I was doing.

Benj cleared his throat for dramatic emphasis. "As of a few minutes ago, investment banks have ceased to exist."

"Mmm." It didn't much sink in. We went to bed, and around 8:30am this morning I woke up drenched in chilly sweat, writhing from a dream where the banks distributed all my funds to an evil female landlord. Everything was empty: the savings accounts, the IRAs, the investment fund...

"The banks --" I sputtered, "the banks..."

"It was a dream," said Benj. He made me mint hot chocolate, and waffles covered in banana, and sent me off to work.

For ye marketers out there, feeling all safe and warm, Search Engine Land is publishing 11 ways the Wall Street meltdown affects digital marketers.

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