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08 November 2022

Things that mattered

I'm still doing that thing where I divide my time between North Italy and Paris. Presently in Italy, it's getting cold enough to start the fire stove. This was the topic of my last post—the pleasure and necessity of the fire stove, and preparing the wood over the course of the year. 

Having the wood now, nicely dried and chopped down to size, is a pleasure to gather from the garden every morning, just after emptying the cindres from the previous day (the cindres will later be used for the garden itself).

I've gotten back into the rhythm of work, which has its highs and lows.

I found a store going out of business that I want to save, and won't, so I will just love it until it is gone.

I decided to delete and black-hole all emails that sell me things, and already my brain feels freer.

I indulge every idea that flits by my face, for the afternoon or for however long it's around. Most of them will never fruit, but at least we got to try each other awhile.

These are the things that mattered lately.

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