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08 November 2022

Remember His Name

For those seeking a short but dense read, I've published my masters dissertation!

The dissy itself is a bit over 19,000 words and describes how gods are made, how they impact us, and what kind of god is scaffolding global imperialist capitalism. You can scoop it up here. Also, I've screenshot the table of contents, which you can check out below:

I wish these images were clearer but it is what it is; I fear that once Google remembers that Blogger exists, it will simply go away.

I am writing more regularly on, though. It is a platform that will most definitely go obsolete as Substack takes precedence. It's probably stubborn to resist Substack. But I feel like the latter will push me into something that I'm not interested in being in right now; namely, choosing a "personal brand" and a focus. 

Can we just not do that? Everybody hates that. Nobody wants to be whittled down to flesh versions of their LinkedIn and Instagram. I just don't want to live that way and I don't think anybody else wants to either.

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