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17 April 2012

David the Robot, Whose Fingerprint Betrays His Origins.

Meet David, the robot you want so desperately to have for a friend (if only because he's such an upgrade! from Data).

This jarringly real-ish promotion for "Weyland Corporation's" David is actually a promotion for Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof's upcoming film Prometheus, which follows the crew of spaceship Prometheus as it explores an advanced alien civilisation, part of a quest for the origins of humanity.

What is interesting about this campaign is how hard Fox has worked to make the film's promotion as standalone-consumable as possible over the 'net and at events. This video, separated from its ties to a movie, could easily hold its own as a provocative and even bittersweet expression of the future we seem so eager to hurtle toward.

Prior to this, Fox treated February TED attendees to a TED Talk from 2023 by Weyland Corporation's own CEO (played by Guy Pierce). The promotion remained loyal to the spirit of TED, giving us plenty to think about while priming palates for the movie to come.

I am so walking all the way into the theatres and sitting down to see it. There may or may not be popcorn.

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