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01 June 2011

PacSun's Sinatra-Laced Anthem for 'Irresponsible' Youth

Not sure when last you walked into a PacSun. But for certain you'll see one at any suburban shopping mall, a fact as ageless as this ad dripping heavy with American Dream As Seen By Cameron Crowe.

The choice of Sinatra's "Call Me Irresponsible": apt, because we've been recounting this same myth about ephemeral adolescence, carefree and sexy youth, Lolita if she'd had the means and the chance, for generations. Sinatra is part of this same thread, and his voice frames this beatific ruddy-cheeked PG-rated chaos as faithfully as it did his swooning, screaming PG-rated Bobby Soxers.

And hell, it is a little irresponsible to gallivant into a PacSun just for a pair of Billabong shorts to muddy up two weekends out of four. That place is crazy expensive for its target market and product proposal. But I guess if teens can afford chrome rims, they'll find a way to afford Roxy sunglasses and faux-bamboo flip-flops, too.

This charming piece of Americana is brought to you by 72andSunny (@72andSunny) and production company Brickyard VFX.

1 comment:

Jesse said...

Nice article. This is my view on PacSun.
In my blog article, I argue that the brand is unfocused on their target audience!