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16 January 2009

You Know You Want Summa This.

Found LeVar Burton on Twitter. Seeing him, looking all bad-ass and social media savvy, made me nostalgic for the days when LeVar was my cuddly Reading Rainbow friend. That's when I hunted this down:

I fucking love that song!!!

On a serious note though, and if like me you're thinking of adding LeVar to your list of Twitter homies, watch this (very short) video of him speaking at Wellesley College.

Hrm. He's kinda starting to resemble Avery Brooks circa Deep Space Nine. More importantly: Yes, they play the Star Trek theme, and yes, he finds a way to slip in, "You don't have to take my word for it!"



Candace said...

Kids need more Reading Rainbow these days... why don't they have this stuff anymore? That used to be one of my favorite shows...

Angela Natividad said...

Mine, too. Well, at least "Arthur's" still on TV. =P