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25 October 2007

Microsoft Takes Bird-Sized Bite Of Facebook

Competition makes you greedy.


The Great Rashimoto said...

RYC: Why don't you get the Drew Shirt? O_o And I'm not denying Vanessa Milanno didn't enjoy it. She kinda freaks me out anyway. it's uncanny for an MTV VJ to be so controversial and out there. I say she planned it from day one of her interview. As for LiLo, it wouldn't surprise me if she came out of the closet tomorrow either.

Kinda like that MTV Tila Tequila chick. Does anyone really care about sexuality these days?

Still I saw LiLo's "I Know Who Killed Me" a few months ago shortly after her first (or second? lost count) rehab stint and I have to say though it flopped due to mostly popular disinterest I think it was one of her most adult, darkest, interesting film yet. I don't know if it's out on video yet but give it a rental if you see it.

The Great Rashimoto said...

P.S. That link isn't working. I was interested in seeing what you were talkin' about

Angela Natividad said...

Fixed. Thanks, Ra.

The Great Rashimoto said...

I'm not sure if they keep changing the site or taking it down or what but the link still seems to be down. Sigh...The internet is a lot like a dirty business. They sell you a product then right after it breaks you find out the business moved to another part of the country :-/

Angela Natividad said...

That link has been trouble all day. So. Lame.

I think I fixed it this time, though.

Anonymous said...

$34 stock price!

I held onto MSFT stock for about 2 years and let it go at 31 not too long ago, bleh.. :p

Smart move by Microsoft IMO.

Hope you're well Angela!