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18 April 2007

A Nation Asks Why

...with regard to the worst school shooting in America's history. (As far as fatalities go.)

Why ask why? We won't find anything besides meaningless (somehow mistaken for illuminating) tidbits about the boy's ethnicity (South Korean) and bad plays.

And despite insistence to the contrary, heated debates about gun control, gun possession or eyebrow-raising descriptions of the boy as "loner" or "question mark kid" do not answer a "Why" that in itself lacks adequate context to provide a framework for answers.

Life continues in the same way it always has:

" husband's a Leo, I know how to work with you three!" cries a playful feminine voice wafting out of the conference room behind me, amidst the smell of coffee and requisite controlled laughter that precludes another day of vacuous "relationship" development.

Condolences go out to those whose friends and family were taken at Virginia Tech.

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