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24 April 2007



I could have used him this weekend. O_O

Anyway, Ruby Conference photos here. They don't convey much beyond my inability to hold a camera still, but at least now you have proof that my ass was indeed warming a seat at the Tech Museum, not in Dubuque, Iowa doing God-knows-what.

Though it's safe to say I felt like Alice might if she wandered into the looking-glass and found herself in East LA.

At 2:00 AM.

Wrote furiously most of Saturday and Sunday. Computer kept freezing. It was bad enough I had a 7-lb. PC, but did it have to get all anxiety-disorder on me too? I never thought I'd experience such acute Mac envy but the world changes when you're surrounded by the haxor elite.

Check out conference coverage at CMSWire. That's not everything; the editor and I are still parsing out a lot of my inflamed hoo-ha. While I had a winning time I was deliriously happy about sliding into my own bed on Sunday and falling asleep to South Park, even if it was the Super Adventurer child molestation episode.

I see the code, I see the code, I see the code.


Ellegant said...

Guess who? :)

The Great Rashimoto said...

Dawg, if there's the term blog on the has your pic next to it.

Stay cool. Good luck with the job thing...