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02 February 2007

Moleskiners, Bloggers Share Common Destiny - er, Bond

The ubiquitous Moleskine notebook: allegedly the trusted third arm of Hemingway, Van Gogh and Matisse, among others.

If the above apotheoses were alive today, would they be bloggers? It's hard to say. I'm sure Van Gogh and Matisse could contribute a great deal to the future of graphic design, and perhaps inadvertently they already have.

Hemingway wouldn't be afraid of trying something new, and perhaps even elitist contemporaries like Gertrude Stein (who never quite made it on the popularity of her work) and James Joyce may find the globally conjurable writing platform useful to their purposes as scrivners of all seasons, times and worlds.

One thing's for sure: there's a grand overlap between blogosphere members and Moleskine users (of today, that is). So if you happen to see somebody carrying a mole-clad notebook around, chances are s/he's a blogger too.

To better emphasize that relationship we find the (now Kikkerland-owned) Moleskinerie which in turn yields Moleskine City, a global panorama of bloggers hot-footing it from country to country with cameras, comfy shoes and the telltale black journals. (If you're curious about the Kikkerland liaison, read the interview with Armand of Moleskinerie by Citizen Marketer authors McConnell and Huba.)

As a fellow blogger and Moleskine-toter, I was intrigued by the shared space between those who disseminate the word on the lit-killing technology of today and those who hold the classical cahier dear. Why the parallel? Could it be possible - dear God - that the sloppy self-entitled ego-maniacal pseudo-journalist bloggers of today are the trend-setting classicists of tomorrow?

Could it be possible our neurotic scribbling online and off demonstrate a love of the word (and the world) that only other Moleskine lovers throughout history can identify with?

Could it be possible that we carry a conscious responsibility to our readers to disseminate the truth about ourselves and our societies as it unfolds?

Could it be possible that we may be called upon hundreds of years into the future to act as the witty-ass 6+ megapixel lens for the world as it is today?

Could it be possible that there's a higher calling for bloggers everywhere?

...Including me? And maybe you?

Nah. Bloggers are just the no-good lazy-ass hyper-typing fucktards you went to high school with. We'll keep our day jobs as baristas, office cogs and interns because clearly there's a higher calling in those arenas.


Malachi said...

I been looking for a decent moleskine. I carry around a composition book like I'm in 3rd grade.

P.S. I can't type for shit.

Angela Natividad said...

The lies we tell ourselves.