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31 October 2006

Volkswagen Highlights Obsession with Death in New Ads

I'm weirded out by Volkswagen's demonstrated fascination with killing its customers or at least subjecting them to all sorts of traumatic accidents in order to hawk the safety of their vehicles, but that's the tune they've chosen to keep humming with their latest Polo campaign.

The only difference is this time people aren't having accidents midway through conversation. In this ad the Polo is apparently so safe that it acts as a kind of "I'm invincible - seriously!" hallucinogenic, kind of like 'shrooms. Here a driver simply blows himself up, and here a tame enough afterlife fixation ad.

Who the hell is doing VW's marketing? A troupe of existentialists? Or is that just the demo they've chosen to target? It's hard to tell.


Oberon said...

......remember......weird sells.

Angela Natividad said...

I'll buy that.