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20 October 2006

And Now for Some Deeply Relevant World News.

Mayor Gavin Newsom Pushes 40, Still Lands Hot Ass

Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco (nicknamed Mayor McHottie by some), fresh off the stench of his divorce to the already incomparably hot Kim Newsom, nailed a just-turned-twenty model/hostess who, for his sake, initially lied about her age (on MySpace of all things) but the press was too smart for her. Or else they just opened her college yearbook.

Honey is cute but, to the consternation of Newsom's otherwise-tolerant constituency, also a registered Republican. "How dare he?" demands a bummed-out city official. "He knows how to pick 'em. You can count the young female Republicans in this town on one hand."

The warped Patrick Bateman-looking bastard. Dating young girls, mixing parties - what will he think of next?

N. Korea Says "Sorry We Set Off All Those Bombs the Other Day. Shake Hands?"

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il says "sorry about the nuclear test" to the Chinese delegation. He adds that he's willing to make concessions if the US is willing to make concessions too.

That's really sweet. I hope the US is sympathetic. My parents almost always were every time I detonated a complex series of explosives and felt bad about it later.

My Attempt to Do Penance

Sorry about the silence. My roomie moved out so I've been on a mad hunt to replace her. Still haven't. Kind of bummed. I'll get over it though.

By the way - what's up with Blogger? It's slow as all hell, plagued with spotty connections, a royal pain in the ass.

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