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16 June 2006

"HP: The Computer Is Personal Again"

Apparently your hard drive can illuminate your lifestyle in ways we didn't consider.  And why not?  Hasn't the computer become an unquestioned staple in most of our daily lives?:

I crazy dig this ad.  It probably has more to do with my feelings for the artist than for the presentation of the ad itself.  The concept was clean but it lacked the je ne sais quoi that could have pushed it over the edge.  In defense of the vision, this ad from the same campaign is more fluid, much cleaner and just way more chill.  Much in line with the worldview Apple's wrapped around itself, without losing a sense of authenticiy.  It merits a watch and a listen.  Can you work out who it is before time's up?

"You focus on the content and what is being pulled out of the computer," says Steve Simpson, HP's creative director. "[The campaign is] focused on the central idea that our autobiographies are told by what's on our hard drives. The bonus is that for the first 45 seconds, it's a guessing game."*

Gotta love that.

*Gleaned from's June 12, 2006 e-mail edition.

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