Angela Natividad's Live & Uncensored!

06 April 2022


  • Going to bed in linen sheets, in a gigantic bed that is only mine, and that I sometimes share with a few books and notepads.
  • Riding my robins egg-blue bicycle through this mad city. I feel so connected to it. And there is so much I know now about how to care for and love it!
  • Coming home and listening to Mark Ronson's "The Bike Song," which no longer makes me sad now that I have a bike again.

  • Drinking peppermint-infused water from my fun but reasonably subtle jungle-themed water bottle, which replaces the one I lost when I slid down the cliff last month. RIP, sweet Zojirushi thermos.
  • Thumping on my drum, which always kinda makes it feel like something is coming, but actually nothing is coming, I just don't know how to drum in any way besides the one that sounds like a T-Rex is heading toward you.
  • Reading books on sunny terraces.
  • Just fucking being in Paris, frankly. It's home. It's a very serious lover. (But I'll also love being back in Italy, and I'll also feel home, etc.)

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