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16 March 2007

Business Manager Opportunity with Impact Theatre

What's up, my scrilla-minded chums. I wanted to let you know that Berkeley's Impact Theatre is looking for a business manager to assist in the following:
  • managing financial statements
  • tax assistance
  • business development
  • licensing
  • non-profit guidance
The position lends a great deal of responsibility and hands-on experience alongside one of the most well-known theatre groups in the Bay Area. Consultants with a good eye and some dollar savvy are also welcome.

The job commitment at outset is minimal, approximately 10-15 hours per month with additional opportunities as the relationship progresses. It's unpaid but immensely beneficial for building professional clout in a creative field where your opinion and output will matter immensely.

Impact Theatre is a grassroots organization known for its interactive and edgy onstage work. They've been around since 1996 and have helped launch a number of fledgling actors onto the professional stage and on film. They operate on the north side of campus in La Val's Subterranean. Check out Impact's marketing material to get a feel for the culture.

Currently Impact is working on building momentum for the upcoming release of Shakespeare's id-ridden Measure for Measure with an urban twang.

If you talk to me on the daily you've probably already heard me chat the opportunity up a few times. Let me know if you're interested.

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