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02 January 2007

Blogtag: 5 Coveted Secrets

Lea Salonga as Kim in Miss Saigon

Looks like I caught a bug. David Dahlquist and Tony Chung over at Geek What just tagged me in a game of secret divulsion. Once tagged, the person must write 5 things about him/herself that others may not know. Here are all the goodies you can convict me for later:

1. I walk on tiptoe, even barefoot.

2. I was and remain a Spice Girls fan. I thought it was over for me once they disbanded, but I watched a throwback documentary a couple of years ago and got teary-eyed.

3. In my childhood I performed classic Philippine courting songs like "Dahil Sa Yo" and dances like the tinikling for social gatherings. I hoped to one day be a star of Lea Salonga caliber and often practiced her Miss Saigon parts in preparation for my broadway debut.

4. I once told an ex-boyfriend I slanged in high school as part of an elaborate plan to get him to date me. I broke the truth about two in a half years into our relationship.

5. I knew for sure I was married to marketing when I saw Levi's "Lola" ad, the sex-infused spot with the girl who paints the jeans of her notches and hangs them in a gallery. I was hooked forever. If I could find it I'd probably have a braingasm.

The 5 bloggers I’m tagging:

I hereby exempt any and all who've been tagged in the last 6 months. Otherwise I think you've garnered up some juice by now. =)

Cheers and a happy new year to one and all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angela! But I was already tagged recently. So here's the juice on me:

Anonymous said...

Spice Girls + MC Hammer = ultimate killer confession! ;)

Angela Natividad said...

You guys suck!

LOL, Tony.