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03 August 2006

One of Those Humiliating Cool-Hunter Moments.

So this morning my employer's son GT walks up to me and goes, "Angela. Is there an urban slang term for talking on your cell phone?"

I consider. "Not that I know of," I reply. "But if one exists, I can find it."

"No." He swirls his hands around. "I want one that's ... common. Used."

"Then no, there isn't one that comes to mind."

GT looks at me a moment longer, then resolves, "I'm going to ask someone younger." And walks off.

"Thanks!" I shout, and he laughs.

Moments later he returns, smug: "Do you know what urban slang is for your cell phone?"


"People say celly." He repeats it for good measure: "Celly."

I can't help but be nasty: "Oh, that's been around forever, plus it's bopper," I snarl. "You don't really ever say that unless you're, like, eleven."

Perhaps encouraged by my surprising exhibition of rage, GT again experiences a moment of resolution: "I'm going to use it." And walks away. I can hear him typing with quiet glee as we speak.


Malachi said...

I'm imagined Peter Griffin playing the role of GT, and now I'm laughing uncontrollably.

Angela Natividad said...

That's an excellent comparison. Now I'm hearing his voice in my head. Good job, Michael >=\

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Peter Griffin playing GT because of other convos we have had. :)