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01 April 2006

Even Space is Fair Game

...and for future entrepreneurs and marketers out there, if you didn't already know that, you're late.

To briefly digress, I heard this morning that $100 million doolars may be invested in creating a monument to MLK, Jr. Whatever. Let's pose the question: what's more extravagant - mind-blowing expenditures in stone or in square footage? Read on:
A source (among several, I swear to you) claims that Jobs plans to launch the first ad that can be seen from space. You can check it out on Google Maps here, but my screenshot is infinitely better:

Look familiar to you?

Supposedly it's to be unveiled this Saturday (can anybody remind me what Saturday's calendar date is?), so we'll see whether there's any truth to the tale. Or else we'll find out we're all 'tards to ever imagine somebody would try to use 1,000,000 square yards of Australian Nothingness as marketing space.

Perhaps the Great Wall of China was just the marketing of yesterday, and until Steve Jobs none of us have been clever enough to replicate the idea. Bravo, Stevie - if the stories are true.

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