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26 October 2010

A Glassful Lasts a Moment. A Frameful Lasts Forever.

Remember "Lemonade," the film that recounted the layoff stories and firings of ex agency rank-and-filers -- including that of its director, Erik Proulx?*

Now Proulx is working on a sequel, dubbed "Lemonade Detroit." Its stories draw from the ultimate open wound: a city that used to be the powerhouse of US industry, reduced to despondency, hollowed-out factories and abandoned concrete.

Of interest is how Proulx plans to fund production of this project. In a style reminiscent of The Million Dollar Homepage, he's offering to sell you a frame of the film for $1 apiece.

"At 24 frames per, that’s $24 a second, and $1440 a minute," notes fellow adslave/casual mathematician Make the Logo Bigger.

Buy your slice of on-screen lemon heaven right here. Technically, it'd make you a producer. And all producers' names - yes, even the one-frame wonders - get an IMDB credit out of the deal. Somethin' for the ol' résumé.

Naturally, you'll also be helping a fine director advance his career. That juice isn't tasting so sour now, is it?


*Don't remember? That's cool. Here's help: the stories were depressing in their familiarity, that resounding echo of people saying they didn't see the axefall coming. But it was also a ray of hope in a really unhappy climate. The tagline sums it up nicely: It's not a pink slip, it's a blank page.

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